Team Building

Coach Wiles will come to your school and implement a comprehensive team building plan, which is derived from 33 years of experience, for coaches and student-athletes. Also included is a coaching staff cohesion plan and an ongoing strategy for building and sustaining a positive culture within your program.

Youth Football Camps/Clinics

Bill Wiles Youth Football Camps: Age-appropriate, skill-driven development camps for youth football players. Camp will include a variety of offensive and defensive skills, and can be catered based on the organization’s needs.

Coaches Clinics

Bill Wiles Wing T Coaches Clinic: Complete Wing T installation guide, playbooks, film cut ups, and chalk talks of the Under Center/Shotgun Wing T offense will be included, as well as opportunities for ongoing consultation, including weekly conference calls and film analysis. Clinic topics include Buck and Belly series, as well as Option Football within the Wing T.

Bill Wiles Single Wing Coaches Clinic: Playbooks, film cut ups, and chalk talks will be included, as well as opportunities for ongoing consultation, including weekly conference calls and film analysis. Clinic topics include Power, Full Spin, and Jet Series, as well as formation multiplicity within the Single Wing.

Faith Based Camps and Clinics

Coach Wiles will seamlessly integrate football and faith during this camp. Camp is generally 3 days in length, but can be altered based on the needs of the organization.


Coach Wiles is available to speak to athletic teams, teachers, businesses, churches, or church youth groups.

Culture Installation

Coach Wiles will work with you to install a healthy culture within your team. This is normally a one day workshop with the head coach or entire coaching staff. The workshop can be structured to include the entire team.
A similar workshop can be applied to schools as a whole or businesses. If you would like to discuss what a vibrant healthy culture could do for you or if you feel like your group or organization needs a boost contact Coach Wiles.


Recruiting Seminars and Education

Coach Wiles can present to groups or individuals on how to make sure you do your part to get recruited. This presentation can be shaped for teams or individuals. The individual and educational presentation is geared toward the individual athlete and parent or guardian, and is very specific and detail oriented, while the group/team experience has been developed for delivery in a group setting, such as student/athlete-parent meetings. Coach Wiles will also meet with and present to coaches, athletic directors, booster organizations and administrators to share what they can do to make certain they are doing everything necessary to get their athletes recruited. All seminars and presentations include ACT/SAT preparation and improvement strategies. Contact Coach Wiles for details.


*Contact Coach Wiles for details and pricing for all services.